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Machinograph: Excellence and Innovation in Packaging Solutions

Machinograph  covers over  2,00,000 SQ FT spread over 3 locations devoted to innovation in the packaging industry, specializing in the manufacture of HM/HDPE plastic drums ranging from 20 to 250 litres. Since our inception in 1991, we have been committed to providing economical, efficient, and service-oriented solutions to meet the diverse packaging needs of the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, adhesive, and other industries.

Our growth story spans over 30 years, evolving into a multi-product and multi-location company with a steadfast dedication to quality, service, and integrity.

Explore our journey, philosophy, and comprehensive product range that caters to your every packaging need.

FULL Open Mouth Drum are of premium quality Full Open Mouth Drums, which are highly appreciated for their remarkable features like high performance leak proof, durability and reliability.They are used mainly for powders and paste product packaging including Pharma, Food and speciality chemicals.
Narrow Mouth Drums:With a small opening at the top, they provide a spill-proof solution for the storage and transportation of hazardous or non-hazardous materials. These drums are commonly used to store food, beverages, and ingredients. They can be used to store large quantities in bulk as our plastic drums are certified as food grade. Food grade certified plastic drums are specifically built to store foodstuffs for an extended period of time.

Wide Mouth Drums 30 to 100 Litres are used in the packaging of semi-solid products, such as adhesives, food products etc. We do posses a good
range of wide mouth drums in different capacities.

Universal Solutions

Catering to a World of Industries with Excellence Since 1991

Quality Commitment

At Machinograph Polycontainers (I) Pvt. Ltd., our dedication to quality is unwavering.

To ensure this, we conduct a comprehensive suite of 9 different types of tests on our products:

  • Leakage Test: To ensure each container is sealed perfectly.
  • Stacking Test: Assessing the endurance of our containers when piled.
  • Drop Test: Verifying the impact resistance of our containers from various heights.
  • Hydraulic Pressure Test: Testing the container’s ability to withstand internal pressure
  • Tilting and Rolling Test: Making sure our containers remain stable during movement.
  • Air Pressure Test: Checking the integrity of the containers under different air pressure scenarios.
  • Top Load Resistance Test: Determining the strength of our containers when a load is applied from above.
  • MFI (Melt Flow Index) Testing: Measuring the flow rates of plastics to ensure quality in processing.
  • Cap Testing: Ensuring the caps maintain a secure and proper fit.

Our guiding principle, ‘Quality… 1st, the path to customer satisfaction,’ reflects our foundational belief.

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